We are a Local Resource for LIHEAP Applications and Appointments for DeKalb Township Residents

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps eligible low-income households pay for home energy services (primarily heating during winter months).  Energy costs can place severe and continuing stress on a family’s budget. In some instances, households are forced to make painful decisions regarding which bills to pay and which necessities to survive without.  

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The LIHEAP program operates September 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022 or until funds have been exhausted.

LIHEAP Application Process

You may be eligible to receive assistance through LIHEAP if your household's combined gross income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

See income guidelines below.



Request Application

Call us at 815-758-8282 to request a LIHEAP application.


Request Appointment

Complete your application and collect the following documentation to bring with to your appointment:

• Proof of gross income from all household members for the 30-day period prior to the application date
• A copy of your current heat and electric bills issued within the last 30 days (if you pay for your energy directly)
• A copy of your rental agreement (if your heating costs are included in your rent showing that all utilities are included, monthly rental amount, and landlord contact information)
• Proof of Social Security numbers for all household members
• If receiving assistance from Illinois Department of Human Services, bring proof your household received Cash Assistance or other benefits such as Medicaid or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

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DeKalb Township caseworker will submit eligible applicant applications to the local LIHEAP agency and applicant will receive a Notification from the local LIHEAP agency within 30 days of appointment. If you are disconnected or in imminent threat of disconnection (within 7 days) your application will be prioritized.

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If you are eligible, the local LIHEAP agency will make the appropriate payment to your energy provider(s) on your behalf or, in some cases, directly to you.

Income Eligibility:

If your household's combined income for the 30 days prior to application (gross income, before taxes are deducted) is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level*, as shown in the chart below, you may be eligible to receive assistance. If you rent, and your heat and/or electric is included in the rent, your rent must be greater than 30% of your income in order to be eligible to receive assistance.

2020 Federal Poverty Guidelines for 200% of Poverty for 2021 Program Year 

Family Size 30 Day Income Annual Income
1   $2,147 $25,760
$2,903 $34,840
$3,660 $43,920
$4,417 $53,000
$5,173 $62,080
$5,930 $71,160
$6,590 $79,081
$6,737 $80,838


  *Program Year 2022 Income Guidelines are based on Federal Poverty Guidelines and State Median Income. The state reserves the right to adjust these levels based on the availability of federal appropriations. 

DeKalb Township also processes LIHEAP applications for the following Townships:

Afton Township – Supervisor Randall Bourdages
Clinton Township – Supervisor Mary Ann Erickson
Cortland Township – Supervisor Danee Walker
DeKalb Township – Supervisor Mary Hess
Franklin Township – Supervisor Vincent Kilcullen
Genoa Township – Supervisor Jim Hanson
Kingston Township – Supervisor Ken Peterson
Malta Township – Supervisor Thomas H. Plote
Magnolia Township – Supervisor Megan Tarr

Mayfield Township – Supervisor Joe Totman
Pierce Township – Supervisor Dan Carson II
Sandwich Township – Supervisor Garry Miller
Shabbona Township – Supervisor James Johnson
Somonauk Township – Supervisor Norm Rogers
South Grove Township – Supervisor Barbara Koehnke
Squaw Grove Township – Supervisor George Bullard
Sycamore Township – Supervisor Amy Mathey
Victor Township – Supervisor Mary Kohler