DeKalb Township Funds Knox Home Box Program Launched by DeKalb Fire Department

The DeKalb Township Board of Trustees recently voted in favor of allocating Township funds in the amount of $8,980 to support a Knox Home Box program being launched by the DeKalb Fire Department.

This new community outreach initiative allows the Fire Department quick and secure access to a participating home if the homeowner is unable to answer door. “The Township is committed to supporting public safety and this innovative program through the DeKalb Fire Department can potentially be a life-saving service for our more vulnerable population,” said Mary Hess, Township Supervisor.

Township funds will be used to purchase and install fifty (50) Knox Home Boxes, for the purpose of securely storing a house key. This measure ensures rapid access to homes in emergency circumstances. Only DeKalb Fire Department has access to open a Knox Home Box.

Eligible residents must have mobility challenges and live in one- or two-unit family homes. To determine eligibility for this program, residents must complete an application form and sign an agreement. The DeKalb Fire Department will review the applications and upon approval, loan a Knox Home Box to the resident. The resident will arrange with DeKalb Fire Department a time and place to install the Knox Home Box.

Questions about this program should be directed to Fire Prevention Lt. Tom Conley at 815-748-8457 or

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