FOIA Center

DeKalb Township is committed to providing open and honest government including full disclosure from the government to its citizens. We have posted some of the most commonly requested documents, but if you can’t find what you need on our site, please contact our Freedom of Information Officer who can help get you what you need.

Freedom of Information Act Requests of DeKalb Township

You may submit a FOIA request in any written format that you choose (e-mail, in-person, U.S. mail, fax) and request should be directed to the following FOIA Officer. You should retain a copy of your request for your records.

Fees Associated with FOIA Requests

Fees are in accordance with 5 ILCS 140/6 a. and b

Karen Gumino
FOIA Officer

2323 S. Fourth Street
DeKalb, IL 60115

Phone: (815) 758-8282
Fax: (815) 758-0124

Freedom Of Information Act Requests


Township Lobbying

DeKalb Township is a member of the TOI (Township Officials of Illinois) and the Metropolitan Township Association. DeKalb Township does not directly employ individuals for lobbying efforts.

You can review more information regarding TOI’s Legislative Agenda by clicking on this link:

Financial Transparency

Open Meetings Act Compliance - Elected Officials and Staff Benefits and Wages

In accordance with Public Act 97-0609, the IMRF Annual Salary Benefit Report for elected officials and staff receiving over $75,000 can be requested by emailing or
Public Act 97-0609
In accordance with Public Act 101-0504, you will find the links to the statute and IMRF participation information below.
Public Act 101-0504


The Township undergoes a comprehensive audit on an annual basis. You can find the audit from the previous fiscal year below.
2020-2021 Audit
2019-2020 Audit


DeKalb Township’s fiscal year runs April 1 to March 31. The town board approves the budgets of the Road District and Township on an annual basis. This budget reflects the priorities and recommendations for the futures of each, respectively. You can find the current budgets for the Road District and Township below.
2021 Township Budget
2021 Road District Budget