So What Do Townships Even Do?

Great question! We have three main areas of service: unincorporated road construction and maintenance, property assessment, and general assistance.

Did you know?

The Road District and the Township are actually two different units of government overseen by one board of trustees? Together, we account for under 4% of your property taxes and provide myriad services under the three pillars mentioned.

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Road District

The Highway Commissioner and his road crew are responsible for construction and maintaining roads in unincorporated DeKalb (or the roads that are outside of city limits) and little bit of Sycamore as well. For us, that means just under 30 miles!
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Have a question?

Please call us at (815) 758-5658 with any questions about township roads, requirements for overweight permits, or other concerns. We’re happy to help!

Property Tax Assessment

The elected township assessor’s job is pretty straightforward; they determine the fair market value of every parcel of property within the township.
However, there’s a whole lot that goes into making that determination, like any improvements that have been made, the quality of the materials, the age of the property, and much more! The assessor’s office can answer all of your questions regarding your assessment, as well as any exemptions for which you may be eligible.

Need more info?

Visit the Assessor's site at, or give them a call at (815) 758-5454.

Financial Assistance

General Assistance, or GA, is a financial assistance program that townships offer to help people through hard times. The GA Team will walk you through an intake process and help you understand all of the steps.
Whether you are behind on rent and facing eviction, need help with utility assistance, or just need a little help navigating all of the many social services available to you, we can help you out.
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