Public Safety Program News!

DeKalb Township Board of Trustees recently voted in favor of allocating Township funds to local public safety programs which benefit DeKalb Township residents. DeKalb County Crime Stoppers was awarded $5,000 to fund their Community and School Based Crime Solving Program in DeKalb. DeKalb Police Department was awarded $15,000 to aid in the purchase and training of a K-9 (police dog) and $5,000 to offset costs associated with reinstituting the Police Bicycle Program.



Pictured: Bill Davey, President of DeKalb County Crime Stoppers; Andy Sullivan, DeKalb County Sheriff; Mary Hess, DeKalb Township Supervisor; Jacque Schairer; Treasurer of DeKalb County Crime Stoppers


Pictured: Dale Thurman, DeKalb Township Trustee; Chief Byrd, DeKalb Police; Mary Hess, DeKalb Township Supervisor