Supporting the Community

Recently DeKalb County’s only Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Crisis Center acquired some land to expand their services and build a new center named “New Beginnings” in downtown DeKalb. A project like this only comes together with help from the community and that is where Highway Commissioner Craig Smith of DeKalb Township Road District stepped in and offered assistance. Grading was needed on the site where another building had been demolished to make way for the new domestic violence center. Craig enlisted the help of Highway Commissioner Brian Keast of Malta Township and put a plan in place to get the project off to a great start. The team, together with their crew, brought the property into pleasing esthetics until the time when development starts. Now the organization can focus their efforts on serving the community and presenting the final building plans to the City of DeKalb for approval. We are proud to have supported the community on this project that will help give hope and healing to so many in their darkest hour.